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AT SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o. has been operating for many years in the field of electrical, industrial automation and teletechnology. We carry out various types of electrical installations and power networks. We also specialize in designing and implementing industrial and building automation systems as well as telemetric and teletechnical systems.

more than 5 000 pumping stations completed

In the course of many years of our activity we have comprehensively executed over 5,000 modern pumping stations. The scope of our work ranged from design preparation, through the implementation of logical elements, to providing the whole with supervision and access control system.

nearly 150 wastewater treatment plants completed

We are also successfully involved in the construction of automation for large facilities, such as sewage treatment plants.

Dozens of modernised industrial facilities

In our work, we do not limit ourselves to a single market area; our portfolio also includes facilities from various economic sectors, as well as public facilities.

The scope of our activities


Our design services include:

  • control and telecommunication cabinets and power distribution boards,
  • power networks, external connections and lighting systems,

Switchgear and control cabinets

Switchboards are manufactured according to documentation supplied by the customer or on the basis of diagrams prepared by our designers. We also manufacture switchboards on the basis of incomplete technical documentation, which is completed by our engineers.

Software and visualisation

We deal with widely understood software, among others, we program PLCs, operator panels and inverters, create SCADA visualisations and synoptic tables. We also deal with wireless and wired data transmission.

Electrical installations

We make:

  • electrical, control and signalling installations,
  • energy connections,
  • lightning protection and earthing installations,
  • lighting installations and technology (including evacuation),
  • industrial and building automation systems.

CCTV surveillance

We provide comprehensive video surveillance systems, starting from design, through installation, to implementation and staff training. We only use proven solutions from recognised manufacturers.

Fibre optic networks

We deal with the construction of optical fibre networks, tele-technical canalization, welding and measurement of optical fibres and the assembly of tele-technical cabinets.

Structural cabling

We deal with making and developing structured cabling installations. We place particular emphasis on choosing the right hardware infrastructure and system platform and on ensuring full security of ICT networks. We focus on reliability of solutions that will bring our customers measurable benefits for many years.

Access control systems

Access Control Systems are one of the most commonly installed security systems today. They make it possible to restrict access to selected parts of a building to unauthorised persons, as well as to visualise possible emergencies that may occur in a given facility.

Fire protection systems SAP, DSO

We offer you modern and technologically advanced fire alarm installations that enable quick detection and location of the source of the aforementioned danger, and then alarm signalling, informing about the fire in the phase of its formation, and distinguishing the real danger from a situation similar to a fire.

Intelligent building automation systems

We place particular emphasis on the development of state-of-the-art technologies that help to manage energy consumption, constantly monitor switching status and network parameters, signal and prevent failures, control environmental conditions of the workplace and leisure time, and much more.

Audits and maintenance services

We conduct audits of current solutions in the field of electricity and energy. Continuously expanded knowledge and many years of experience allow us to accurately identify areas which, thanks to our modifications and improvements, increase the level of safety and functionality.

GSM-GPRS+ monitoring systems

GSM-GPRS monitoring systems ensure continuous supervision of the facility. For example, monitoring connected to a pumping station enables us to observe levels, operating states and failures. In addition, it allows you to receive notifications of alarms via sms or e-mail and preview via a web browser.