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Realised projects

We have extensive experience confirmed by the implementation of many projects. In our activity we use products of renowned manufacturers in the field of industrial automation, energy distribution and electrical installations. The equipment we use is certified, which allows us to use it also in marine and military applications.

Sewage and rainwater pumping stations

The scope of work included:

  • modernisation of facilities,
  • execution of power and control switchgears, according to a design,
  • carrying out work in the field of automation and execution of complete electric, AKPiA, SSWiN, CCTV installations,
  • preparation and start-up of GSM/GPRS communication and connection to the visualisation system.

Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants

The scope of work included:

  • construction of electricity networks for facilities,
  • execution of electrical installations of equipment and own needs,
  • external site lighting,
  • communication and control lines,
  • power and control panels with PLC controllers,
  • programming of controllers and execution of visualisation applications with the possibility of remote viewing,
  • SMS-GPRS monitoring systems,
  • dispatcher stations,
  • start-up of facilities.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants

The scope of work included:

  • construction of cable routes and electrical installations of equipment,
  • design, prefabrication and commissioning of the control and supply switchgear for the treatment plant,
  • creation of visualization application with the possibility of remote operation via a web browser.

Public industrial buildings

The scope of work included:

IElectrical installations, including:

  • execution of electrical power supply to buildings,
  • execution of supply installations,
  • installation of basic and emergency lighting,
  • external lighting,
  • installation of lightning protection system and equalizing connections.

Telecommunications installations, including:

  • installation of CCTV system,
  • installation and start-up of access control system KD,
  • installation of an intrusion alarm system SSWiN,
  • installation and start-up of fire alarm system SSP.

Szadółki Composting Plant

The scope of work included:

  • installation of the Fire Alarm System and the Access Control System, including installation of equipment,
  • outdoor installation of fibre optic and copper wiring between the buildings,
  • LAN Structural Cabling System with installation of devices,
  • installation of CCTV system with installation of devices,
  • installation, connection of UPS-3kpl,
  • measurements, tests and start-up of all installations.

Bituminous mass production plant

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of power supply and control switchgear for a production line for producing mass used for insulating buildings.

Office buildings Gdańsk, Lastadia St.

Construction of power switchgears for two buildings at Lastadia 2 and Lastadia 41 in Gdańsk, equipped with the SZR system (automatic changeover switchgear) along with a counter part for settling accounts with lessees of premises.

Holiday resort Czarlina

Modernisation of the transformer station and construction of a fibre optic network at the Czarlina Recreation Centre.

Visualisation and BMS systems

Exemplary realisations:

  • Monitoring of the pumping station Melioracje Gdańskie,
  • Monitoring of sewage network Ocypel, Lubichowo Commune,
  • Sewage pumping stations Nowa Karczma Commune.


We use modern and comprehensive solutions in our projects.

The systems that we design use the latest technologies and trends, which makes them perfect for new automation systems and complement the shortcomings of older systems.

Our scope of work also includes non-standard facilities.